Meet the Magical Snow Lion

Enter a world of winter enchantment with an encounter with the magical Snow Lion on Saturday 16 December between 11am till 4pm

Visiting from the Forests of Eternal Snow and accompanied by the Red Queen, the giant animatronic white lion will walk through New Square, a mythical emblem of the season, celebrating the light of human kindness in the depths of winters darkest days.

One of the largest animatronic creatures in the UK, the snow lion combines cutting edge animatronic puppetry, sound effects and music with a breathtakingly realistic appearance.

Children and adults alike will be enraptured by this incredible creature and will have the opportunity to take a picture with him to capture a magical Christmas moment.

Performance Times:

11.30 till 12.00

1.30 till 2.00

3.00 till 3.30